Fade to Black

My mind fades to black,
As I choke on every scream I held back,
I throw on a veil, and pick a bag to pack,
And I jump the gates.
I got a train to catch.

The life I lived in Saudi Arabia,
Is the story behind my claustrophobia,
Like a pretty bird locked in a golden cage,
This is the story behind my rage.

Lavishly bathed in luxury and gold,
My every move is harshly controlled,
Veiled in black from head to toe,
Locked indoors, nowhere to go.

I have no voice, I have no say,
I’m threatened with lashes and death,
If I dared to disobey,
And all I ever want to do is run away.

Innocent hostage confined in jail,
Unspoken darkness under the veil,
Shedding tears all day, I yearn for freedom,
I’m desperate to leave the Saudi kingdom.

There is fire in my veins,
I’m like a princess in chains,
And to set myself free,
I must unveil the beast in me.

My wedding is arranged,
With a man I have never met,
All the plans are being made,
Without my consent.

My voice fades to black,
I can take this abuse no more,
I had to find a way,
To walk out the door.

I find my window of opportunity,
As they escort me out of the country,
While they’re busy shopping for my wedding,
I have other plans on where I’ll be heading.

My plans are taking shape,
I have one chance to escape,
My heart fades to black, it’s beating so fast,
But I know I’m going to be free at last.

I pack a bag and run away,
Find my own place to stay,
Take up a job for bills to pay,
And live my life my own way.

And so I’m independent and free today,
I would never give this life away,
But the darkness of the past lingers to play,
And I still have so much more to say.

So I’ll keep writing my story as I go,
I’ll keep writing for the world to know,
And as I play these memories back,
I watch my numbness fade to black.

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