The joy of vanishing
Into nothingness,
Being buried under
The maddening chaos,
To rest in peace,
In divine silence,
Away from the brutality,
And the agony of mere existence.

My only means
Of escape,
From this place,
Would be to wither
And perish,
And cease to have a face.

And I’m unafraid,
Of what comes after,
For I have already seen hell,
Though I’m curious to know how,
The living ones would react,
After I’ve bid my farewell.

They’ll shed a few tears,
Write a touching speech,
They’ll bury me under the earth,
And then I’ll be forgotten.
And soon I’ll be decayed and rotten,
Death may bring its own pain with it,
But I’d still embrace it.

For death will be,
The end of this present,
Where I’m chained in a society,
It will be the end of a future,
That gives me anxiety,
And the end of a past,
That’s destroyed my sanity.

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