Falling Raindrop

On every falling raindrop I see your face in grey,
I’m trapped in a looping memory, freeze and replay,
I narrow my eyes and trudge through the rain,
I stagger and fall for I can’t see through the pain.

Time cannot heal me; this pain won’t fade away,
It only swells on the inside with every tormenting day,
Eating my dead soul and ripping me apart,
Gnawing at what’s left of my broken heart.

I’m flipping the pages, counting the days,
Veiling the tears streaming down my face,
If I could only spin and fly back in time,
Back to the days when you were still mine.

If I could just bring you back and hold you right now,
If our distance and troubles just vanished somehow,
If you could see my tears through the rain tonight,
If you would hold my hand and say it’s alright.

Then the falling rain drops would turn into red roses,
The thunder would clap as the gap between us closes,
But then I open my eyes to find you’re not around,
And I watch the falling rain drops die on the ground.

It hurts like hell; I’ve submerged in a flood,
Watch me get drenched in a shower of blood,
Cut myself open with the kiss of a knife,
I can’t mend my heart, so I’m ending my life.

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