I got so much to say to the world,
I wouldn’t know where to begin,
I’m starting to get myself unfurled,
And bring out emotions from within,
Peel the layers of my skin,
Wipe the pride off my chin,
And throw caution to the wind.

Tears that hadn’t flowed,
Turn into raging flames in my blood,
Floods of hate in my gut,
Unspoken words trapped in my throat,
Almost like my mouth had been sewn shut.

Pain in shards that cut me up inside,
Stains of the past that cover up and hide,
Moments in time I had pretended and lied,
Flashes of fear as I slowly died.

Suffocated to my core,
Like I was trapped in a bottle,
And thrown into the sea,
But now that I have washed ashore,
I have been set free,
And I’m going to unfurl all of me.

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