I got so much to say to the world,I wouldn’t know where to begin,I’m starting to get myself unfurled,And bring out emotions from within,Peel the layers of my skin,Wipe the pride off my chin,And throw caution to the wind. Tears that hadn’t flowed,Turn into raging flames in my blood,Floods of hate in my gut,Unspoken wordsContinue reading “Unfurled”

Falling Raindrop

On every falling raindrop I see your face in grey,I’m trapped in a looping memory, freeze and replay,I narrow my eyes and trudge through the rain,I stagger and fall for I can’t see through the pain. Time cannot heal me; this pain won’t fade away,It only swells on the inside with every tormenting day,Eating myContinue reading “Falling Raindrop”